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You have reached the ORIGINAL "AVID LIQUID of Colorado" Web Site
This site mostly has materials on Avid Liquid, Vegas, and CS3.

Click HERE if you want to go back to the Liquid Avid Media Composer Web Site

Colorado's Avid Liquid User Group no longer meets.   You can get access to Liquid help at Pinnacle AVID LIQUID forum.   Or better yet - upgrade to Avid Media Composer.



Are there any differences between DVI and HDMI?

What size monitor for video editing - and should it be an HDTV (1080P) ?

Cleaning Up Shaky Home Video
Video-enhancing software developed for the CIA is coming to consumers from MotionDSP for $40.

Videomaker tutorial - Cutting on Action


Learn Videography, Video Editing and Lighting
from Videomaker Magazine

A good thread on Audio Editing  - normalizing, sweetening, compressing, equalizing.
And - a great article about Audio Editing- "Mastering with Ozoneô Tools, tips and techniques" .
5 Tips for Creative Camerawork - from Digital Juice
Portable Recording Studio - Make it Yourself - Take it with you !

Long Lived Liquid - What's happening to Avid Liquid !!!  

ADAMWIILT.COM - want to really learn about Digital Video and HDV and about tapes and all sorts of DV stuff  ?  

Why does a smaller HDV or AVCHD camera with, say, a chip that is 1/6" in size, with over a million pixels packed onto it, have differences, both good and bad, versus a chip that is 2/3" in size, but is only considered standard-definition with about 320,000 pixels? more

More Video Training from Videomaker Magazine and Adobe Video Workshop

HDV Editing Using Avidís Liquid


Old news - The number of video-sharing sites has shot through the roof recently, as dozens of companies try to become the Flickr of the online video world.  To this end, many video services have started offering new features like editing and remixability in an attempt to snatch a piece of the ever-expanding online video pie.  But for the average user (more).

25MB filesize limit too small.
Read more HERE.



SOUNDSNAP.COM  Designed as a resource and community for musicians, sound designers, producers, film makers and web/video game developers, Soundsnap provides user driven content for use in virtually any kind of media production. Users can freely download and upload content to be legally shared and used in any media project. 

Jan Ozer | So youíve decided to get your demo tapes and even some client deliverables online. Great. This article will help you choose a compression technology (or two), encode your videos, and decide how to distribute them from a website. Letís get started.
Posted 02 Mar 2007
Compressing Video for the iPod  Jan Ozer | You would think that with a gazillion iPods sold, the process of getting video onto an iPod would be very straightforward. But when you're delivering iPod video to top-dollar clients, it's important to get it right

Digital Juice TV  (DJTV) - best Free On-Line Training/Informational/Technical Videos
Digital Juice TV is hot
on free Training - and it is very apparent once you view these clips - basically divided between Production Tips, Technical Tips, and Shooting Tips. One of the best we have seen - go take a look ! In some people's opinion  as good as going to Liquid Immersion ! Maybe even a bit better - without the transportation costs too

Video University - Learn more about video - check it out !

COPYRIGHT - Are you following the law ?

  If you are not subscribed to EventDV  or viewing it on-line, then you are missing a great Event Videographer's magazine - with lots of practical articles.  Sign up for the weekly newsletter.

4Ever Group - Is this a better event videography group to join instead of WEVA ??  Many on Avid Board suggest that it is. Take a look and judge for yourself.  Costs $150 to be a member of 4EverGroup  vs. $185 for WEVA. Is it a geared more towards event videographers ?   Perhaps.  It's convention is coming up in January in Jacksonville Florida. Last year it's first convention got great reviews,


Learn Liquid - Private lessons available in the Denver/Boulder/Grand Lake area.


Thanks to Larry Ellis and his company SOFTWRIGHT for hosting our meetings!