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A quick read if you are or wanting to be a "Video Editor".... Link Here

This "not that updated" site is just a bunch of (somewhat) organized notes about video editing with Avid, Vegas, Adobe and Liquid.  It is my notebook - my tape recorder.  I hear it or read it, I know I will forget it - so I stick it in here. 

I originally used it for learning Liquid - then the Colorado User Group got formed, then Avid bought and killed Liquid (took a bit of time to do).

So now it is an Avid/Adobe/Vegas notebook. But I kept Liquid here cause I still use Liquid.  And I do update the site. I just bought a Windows 7 i7 quad core, 16 gigs, nvidia card, 15" Dell M4660. Now editing with MC6 - and Vegas 11 and PPro 5.5.   Write me if you want to know more - Dave Messinger

Upgrading to Avid 6 64 bit ?  See this.

Colorado's Avid Liquid User Group no longer meets.   Access Liquid help at Pinnacle AVID LIQUID forum or visit the original Colorado Liquid User Site - (click here or use the Orange Liquid/Vegas/CS3 tab above).

Many Liquidian's have switched to Media Composer. As of March 8, 2011, version 5.5 is the latest version.  The first three colored tabs above (starting on the left) are links I am keeping as I learn MC to keep track of tips and helpful hints I come across.

Avid has a Media Composer forum just for Liquid converters -  Media Composer Forum for Liquid Users 

Also,  Videoguys Guide to Migrating from Liquid to Media Composer is a good read if you are thinking about MC.      


Tutorials: Getting Started with Adobe Premiere Pro »

Free Webinar: How to Bring Still Images to Life in Your Videos - Sony Vegas


2-Pop - Digital Filmmaker's Resource Site

Normalizing, Sweetening, Compressing, Equalizing

Mastering with Ozone™ Tools, tips and techniques

Free On-Line Training/Informational/Technical Videos from Digital Juice

Any differences between DVI and HDMI ?

Portable Recording Studio - Make it Yourself - Take it with you !


COPYRIGHT - Are you following the law ?

5 Tips for Creative Camerawork - from Digital Juice

More Video Training from Videomaker Magazine and Adobe Video Workshop

If you are not subscribed to EventDV  or viewing it on-line, then you are missing a great Event Videographer's magazine - with lots of practical articles.  Sign up for the weekly newsletter

 Want to really learn about Digital Video and HDV and about tapes and all sorts of DV stuff  ? ADAMWIILT.COM