Create titles with wild motion or textured faces, or edges.

In a new sequence, add your video. open Title Deko and create your titles,

opening the look editor,

and setting the face, or edge color (your choice) to a bright-light green color (that you can key on).

I've had nice results using a black border, a green face, and pretty large and bold fonts. Hit F-12 (save) and F-11 out of title deko.

Add the title to the clip above your video on the timeline.

Open a new sequence, and drop the first sequence onto the timeline (nested) add another video track below this one, and add a video clip to it that has alot of motion, or a texture you would like on your text.

If you have a still with good texture but want motion - apply a 2D effect and keyframe alot of motion into the clip of the still, whatever you like.

A little Gaussian Blur also can make this look cool.

Then apply the Keying editor to the top nested clip and set a green screen key and adjust the settings so that it looks good. It will take a little while to render, so have something else to do. The results can be quite good, certianly different and entertaining.