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Avid MC DVD authoring program is called Avid DVD by Sonic - SD and HD authoring . The latest version is 6.1 There is an advanced DVD authoring program called Sonic DVDiT HD PRo




Adding "additional files" l to a DVD      


In your Avid DVD project, go to File/Project Settings.  In the dialog that opens, on the Project tab, you'll see an entry for ROM data.  Check the box next to "Include ROM data files on the disc".  Then browse to the desired folder to be included on the disc.  This folder can be named anything you like.  Remember though, that you're still limited by the capacity of your DVD stock.





Ripping a DVD

Avid DVD began to fail me for no reason I can explain, right at a time when I had no time for troubleshooting or messing around. I ended up trying Sony's DVD Architect and was quite pleased with it's performance. In fact, it accepts MC's QTRef without complaining, allows quite a complex menu system, if needed, and encodes very very nice results. It works quite reliably, however, there have been a few times when it balked.

Regardless, I've become quite attached to this software. Given the historic problems with DVDit, I don't have much faith for their problems being fixed anytime soon





DVD Export
  MC does not have a built in DVD program. With MC you export your timeline as a qt ref into Avid DVD which is a separate program. From there you compile and create your DVD menu and movie. Douglas has some tutorials on it in the Media Composer PC forum
  You can send at DVD one step which does everything automatically.  There are 2 options:
  DVD Authoring
  DVD One Step
Link 165  AvidDVD (DVDitPro HD) - Basic Menu Tips    
Link 166  AvidDVD (DVDitPro HD) - Menu Text Tool
Link 167  AvidDVD (DVDitPro HD) - Audio Subtracks 
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Link 109  From MC to AvidDVD - A look at the Settings
Avid DVD which comes with the package can fine import m2v straight from Liquid

with separate audio and manintain the sync.

This is for both SD and HD m2v files. So no worries for m2v fuses from Liquid to Avid DVD.

Tested and works.

Another Tip:

For a 16:9 ratio film to be displayed right inside Avid DVD you have to click at Display options:

First the 4:3 option, say yes to the dialog that will come up

and then click again to 16:9 option, saying yes again.

I don't know why this is happening but if you want to correctly display the 16:9 ratio film do this.

DVD One Step Within MC.

Given you have Avid DVD install you can have a DVD from inside MC almost as Liquid.

And not only that but you can burn a BD the same way (given again you have a BD Recorder).

Right click at the Rec Monitor and Send To DVD One Step (1).

Choose the format you want (2).

And alter the properties if you like (3).

Ripping from a DVD - from mjolnarn
  Squeeze is brought with the bundle, just drag the vobs to it and export to an Avid codec

You can use the freeware MPEG Streamclip.

The only free solution I know of is to use MPEG Streamclip to transcode the DVD files to .mov.  Hopefully someone will come along and fill you in on the details of that workflow.

I use Cinematize, which does an excellent job but costs $60.

For freeware here is MPEG Streamclip. A quicktime with the animation codec will work fine in Avid.