This is a new section that will be developing over the next several months. First of all, we are only going to talk about 3 chip cameras that are considered "professional".  In terms of dollars, the range will be  $2000 and up.  These cameras generally provide either sound meters and XLR connectors or can be retrofitted with them. These cameras also allow for the attachment of a wide angle lens and a polarized filter. These two items are must have's for the professional videographer.   Be sure to look at Audio and Lights sections  - cause it is these three (Camera, Audio, and Lights) that will make your videos shine  (not to mention imagination, creativity, and editing skills).  



Digital Recording Devices

    Tape Formats
    Establising A good SHOOT !
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    Digital Juice TV - TECH  KNOW series - Shutter Speed
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New   About Cameras - HD and otherwise
      - Sony HRV-V1, Canon HV20/30; Canon A1
Link   Zoom controls - remote controls using Lanc Control is a must on a tripod if you want really smooth action
Link   Lens Filters - pro's will tell you - you need a circular polarized filter
Link   Panasonic DVC30 settings

DVCam vs miniDV-  DVCAM does not have a higher bit rate than standard DV, infact it has exactly the same bit rate, and uses exactly the same codec (DV25).

Also, more bits does NOT mean better quality. Perhaps within a single codec it does (generally but still not always), but it certainly does not always hold true when comparing different codecs.

    Want to learn more about cameras ?  One of the best sources is DV.COM Forum - you will have to create an account or sign in.  Or check out Creative Cow Forums and see if there is camera topic there that is interesting to you.
Link   They run the gament - but a good one for a videographer will run you from $500 to $1000 - and a Pro needs a good one..
STEADYCAMS/Fig Rigs / Stabilizers
Link   Now here is an open field - from type to price.  A camera is attached to a steadicam and movement is effected by the camera person physically walking or running or moving in some direction. What the steadicam does is smooths out any camera jerking - hopefully.
Link   Using a Jib or Crane - want that special angle
Link   Dollies - for making those extra special shots
Link   Digital Juice TV Production Note series - DOLLIES