Audio and lighting are the two most important aspects for improving your video. Bad video often is perceived as "good video" when combined with  good quality audio.  Learning how to improve audio is well worth a editing videographer's time.  

A good videographer will have at minimum a good shotgun microphone, a wireless lavilier setup, and a good set of headphones to ensure audio is recorded adequately. It is best to have the capability of bring XLR connections into your camera - either directly or through an accessory attachment like a BeachTek.  Sound meters on a camera are another big plus.  



    Voice Over Rates
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    db settings and signal clip
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    Digital Recorders
    Mastering Audio - Mastering describes the complete process of optimizing audio files for a particular medium, such as radio, video, CD, or the Web.
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Normalizing Sound
    5.5 and 5.62 do not have this effect. With v6 however there are several vst plugins that can accomplish what you are talking about. (Preniere has a filter that will normalize sound - meaning cut out peaks bring volume to a even level). LE 5.5 and LE 6 have the "maximizer" audio FX, which is, I believe, kind of combination of a normalizer and dynamic processor. The results you get from it are excellent.

In LE 6 the effect is in >Effect library >Classic Clip FX >Audio.
    Digital Recorders
    Good Source - Giant Squid
Link   Microphones Overview - Description of different Mic's - Condenser, etc.
Link       Shotgun
Link       HandHeld
Link       Wireless Mics / Laviliers
Link   Description of different connectors - TRS, TS, XLR
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Link   Noise Reduction
Link   WaveLab - filtering out wind noise
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    Licensing Music for your commercial Video  (see MISC section)
    I recommend the audio forum on There has been some useful discussion of this topic recently - do a search for minidisc.